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We offer hydraulic, pneumatic, and rack & pinion actuators with the necessary accessories.

Hydraulic actuators

A wide range of high-pressure Hydraulic Actuators. Double Acting, Canted, Spring return among many.


Working Pressure: 2250 PSI Max
Material Grade: Standard, ALL Stainless Steel and SS Cyl and Fasteners

Pneumatic actuators


Symmetric Yoke, Canted Yoke, Double Acting, Spring Return Pneumatic Actuators


Size: Torque upto 913100 Lbs-IN.
Working Pressure: 2250 psi Max
Material Grade: Standard, All Stainless Steel, SS Cylinders & Fastners

Oilfield Equipment

We offer products that are used for upstream and downstream as well as power plant application.

Forged choke bodies

choke bodies and tees

Size: 2"-4"
Working Pressure: 5K – 20K
Material Grade: Material AISI 4130 / AISI 410

Studded Tees & Crosses

Studded crosses & tees


Size: 2"-5K to 5" 10K,
Material Grade: Material AISI 4130 / AISI 4140
Type: per API 6A – PSL3, with or without Inconel Inlay.



Size: Spools from 2”-5K to 5”10K
Material Grade: Material AISI 4130 – API 6A PSL3
Type: with or without Inconel Inlay

Industrial Power Transmission

We offer coupling components used in gear box, gas transmission, and other power transmission applications

Hubs and Sleeves for Coupling assembly

We manufacture a complete range of hubs and sleeves for Industrial Power Transmission couplingshubs-sleeves


Size: 1" to 7.5"
Material Grade: 1040, 1045 carbon steel
Condition: Forged, rough machine, finish machine

Power Plant Industry

We offer fully machined cast products for any type of flow application.

Components for power plant application

Material Grades

Carbon steel A105,

Chrome Moly: F22, F91,F347 


Size: 2” – 6” bodies, 2" - 14" bonnets
Working Pressure: 2K psi max
Material Grade: A105, 316SS, F22, F91, F11
Condition: Forged, Finished Machine